Our main assets are our members who are always willing to share their knowledge, experience and time to new members and old alike.
Members regularly give presentations at information nights to share their knowledge on various fishing topics.
Many a lifelong friendship has been formed at the clubhouse or out on the water.

Frequently asked questions

Are fishing clubs only for experienced, frequent anglers? What about beginners and social anglers?

No, most new members have limited experience. All our members are willing to share their skills, knowledge, and stories. There is no 'secret squirrel business' at SAC that you might find at other angling clubs. Our members have some great GSP spots for tried and tested spots in Port Phillip Bay and the rest of Victoria that they are willing to share. If you are struggling to find the fish, let our members give you some pointers.

We regularly hold information nights on a variety of topics from ranging from 'Boating Maintenance to 'Surf fishing for Salmon' to 'Fishing with Plastics' presented by our experienced members or by outside experts. There is even the occasional wine tasting night. Keep an eye on our homepage for the next information night topic.

Do I have to own a boat?

No, most places we fish are suitable for land-based fishing, kayak-based fishing, small boats and big boats. It is easy to get a ride with other boat owners within SAC, and this is a great way to learn the basics of safe boating in an enjoyable atmosphere.

SAC also owns a 14ft aluminium boat available for licensed members. A growing number of anglers at SAC are fishing from kayaks. There are facilities to store kayaks at the club house for a small fee.

Where does SAC fish... ?

Our most popular fishing destination is Port Phillip Bay where our members fish competitively and socially on a regular basis. Come down to the club house on a meeting night (Tuesdays at 8pm) to find out where the fish are biting! SAC competitions take members to most areas of the state in a variety of categories including Bay, Estuary, Surf, Freshwater, and Open Water fishing and some of our members also organise interstate trips to some interesting hot spots.

What type of fish do members catch?

Everything! Our Records Board includes almost all species of fish, including an Interstate and International section for well travelled anglers. Some SAC competitions target several species recognised as good 'table fish' including snapper, whiting, trout and bream. However, other fish that we regularly 'weigh in' at the boat ramp include flathead, squid, shark, pinkies (small snapper), murray cod, golden perch and redfin.

Do I have to know a member to join?

Definitely not, we actively encourage new members and guests are more than welcome in our clubrooms whenever they are open.

Do I have to live locally?

No, we also have country and interstate members who only fish the occasional competition with us but still keep in contact on a regular basis. Check out the photos of some of our interstate and international members.

What age groups are there?

SAC welcomes members and guests of all ages and presents championship trophies each year for the most successful anglers in the following age groups:

Open: for anglers 18 years and over

Intermediate: for anglers aged 12 -17 years

Junior: for the little ones under 12 years

Note: Children do need adult supervision

Women and young families?

We cater for everyone! Our female anglers are just as keen as the blokes and we look after the little tykes with presents and a trip from Santa at our Christmas Breakup party.

Do you have boat launching facilities?

No, unfortunately our boat ramp silted up years ago, but we can direct you to the nearest free launching ramps in the areas that we fish including in and around Sandringham Harbour and the rest of Port Phillip Bay.

For kayak fishing, you can launch directly in front of the club house. Imagine heading down to the clubhouse on a summers evening, launching your kayak in front of the club, fishing the optimum dusk period, then heading back to the club for a cool drink and a BBQ while boasting about your catch or getting the local fishing reports. It's great fun!

What is SAC's attitude to sustainable fishing?

SAC is serious about practicing sustainable recreational fishing for our future enjoyment. Some of the size limits on fish have been voluntarily raised for club competitions and we have recently introduced size/weight tables and rules for anglers that wish to return their catch straight to the water rather than wait for the official 'weigh-in'. Many SAC anglers choose to practice 'catch and release' fishing for slow growing species such as murray cod and bream. We have also reduced 'bag limits' on all competitions to a maximum of 10 fish per angler.

SAC does not tolerate illegal fishing practices.

What does it cost to join?

Membership categories and fees structure is as follows:

Adult Membership $90

Family Membership (spouses and children under 18 years) $110

Pensioner and Youth Membership $55

Pensioner Couple Membership $75

Junior, Country & Interstate Membership $35

A once-off nomination fee up to $50.00 is payable upon completion of an application form.

Membership Application Forms are available from the clubrooms, from the Secretary, or can be downloaded by clicking here.

Members are encouraged to participate in all elements of the club including Fishing, Social Activities and Working Bees.

Clubroom facilities are available to all members upon application to the committee.

Come down on any Tuesday night for a tour of the club.

How do I contact SAC?

The best way to contact us is to drop into the clubrooms on any Tuesday night from 8.00 pm, one of our members will gladly show you around our facilities. We can also be contacted by Email or visit our contact page if you have any further queries. Or feel free to call us on (03) 9598 9664.